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Learn what makes you successful and then repeat it.

Learn what makes you successful in one area of your life and then repeat the same principles in the other areas of your life.

Learn what makes other people successful and follow the principles noticing the effect.  If the effect is a success, repeat it.

If you are aware of the seasons in your year, if there is a change in your world between summer to winter, between January and August, between Quarter two and Quarter four, then it becomes important to establish the recipe for success in each of your seasons.  If what it takes to be successful in your mornings is different from what it takes in your afternoons, know the difference and practice the art of repeating the respective recipes for success.

Self-knowledge is a valuable asset. 

It is important to continually monitor your actions and your results.  Take note.  Remember the results you achieve and the actions you took.  Formulate the recipes for both success and failure.

Discerning between effective and ineffective actions is a valuable asset. 

It is important to consciously decide to follow the recipes for success.  

Practicing Continual Improvement is a valuable asset. 

Recipes can be reviewed from time to time.  The availability of ingredients can change.  Your reactions to ingredients can change.  The quality of the ingredients can change.  The quality of the outcome you are wanting can change.  Never stop monitoring cause and effect and do not buy into the thought that something better is not possible.

Sharing best practices is a valuable asset. 

In a team or in a family it is important to share known recipes for success to avoid unnecessary pain, failure or hardship.  Teach people how to ‘swim’ and how to ‘fish’.  Teach them the practice of monitoring cause and effect when swimming in different conditions and fishing in different conditions.  

Practicing situational analysis is a valuable asset. 

Each situation is different.  Rarely can the recipe for success be a case of one size fits all.  Franchising your success requires managing or controlling as many of the variables as possible.  Standard ways of operating are most effective when the environmental conditions have been standardised.  Physical conditions, team member impact, environmental conditions, customer behaviour, when fixed or controlled, make the outcomes more predictable.

I have identified 5 aspects of my life for now: Husband, facilitator, personal well-being, friend and team member.  Some questions I must ask myself:

  • Am I the best I can be in each of the aspects?
  • Am I following the situational specific recipes of success?
  • Am I franchising the known generic success factors across all of the aspects?
  • Am I practicing any insanity – doing the same things while expecting different results?

Success need not be achieved only once.  Success need not be limited to specific areas of our lives.  Success factors need not be kept secret.

Life can be a challenge – avoid making unnecessary challenges for yourself and for the people around you.

By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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