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Facilitator | Coach | Trainer | Speaker
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Louis encourages people to support his belief in ongoing training and development, and proves the power of Harnessing Collective Talent.

Coaching Services For Executives and Entrepreneurs

Executive Coaching shifts the emphasis from group work to individually–based interventions.

Louis’ coaching interventions have been designed to work through the noise, the clutter, the blockages and the erroneous beliefs that ultimately prevent leaders from leading, doers from doing, everyone taking personal responsibility and teams from operating as effortlessly as they should.

Team Talks that deliver critical messages

Team Talks are short, powerful, interactive sessions that deliver critical messages for personal, organisational and team development.

A Team Talk is a powerful way of instilling a new approach that everyone hears, sees and feels simultaneously.

When everyone in your team is on the same page after the same inspirational experience, nothing should slow you down or stop you.

About Louis Gerke


Facilitator | Coach | Trainer | Speaker


For the past 23 years, Louis Gerke has designed and facilitated a variety of Workshops building strong relationships with an impressive list of clients. Louis caters for every level of any organization and maintains a sense of humour and an element of fun in everything he does. His deep, sincere approach reveals enormous insight and understanding into a vast spectrum of subjects.

Companies Worked With

“I have no hesitation in recommending Louis to any organisation as our experience with him and his team has, and continues to be, incredible!
The strategic planning session that Louis facilitated for our marketing team at Atlantic Fertilizers was of great value to our company and the individuals that took part. Louis has an uncanny ability to identify potential problem areas in a business and is a great facilitator to achieve desired outcomes generated eventually by the team itself. His guidance in achieving goals is invaluable.
Kobus Herholdt

Managing Director, Altantic Fetilisers

Louis encouraged me look, unafraid of what I might see, and to change what needed to be changed, grow where I should and plan for what I want. If followed and implemented, the tools given during the course will not only bring out the best of your business, but also the best in yourself as the manager, owner and ultimate buck-stops-here person.  Far from being dull and conventionally business-like, Louis is a fabulous facilitator with wit and humour and a down to earth, unthreatening, straight talking approach.
Lizel Olkers

Owner, Ancient Spirit

Insights …

Strength and Weakness

Strengths and weaknesses are a fact of life We all have both.  They can be real.  They can be perceived.  Concluding on strengths and weaknesses can be done objectively or subjectively.    In theory, when working in a team, we bring both...


When you have the luxury of a cabinet, the value you can derive from it will only manifest when you put the cabinet to good use. An empty drinks cabinet is a waste of space.  A properly stocked drinks cabinet allows for variety not only in terms of individual...

Don’t but Don’t

There are many lists of do’s and don’ts around – here is a list of don’ts and don’ts to contemplate. You don’t have to love everyone, but don’t hate anyone. You don’t have to feed everyone, but don’t deny anyone food. You don’t have to build, but don’t tear down. You...

Cause before Effect

The principle of cause and effect has been a driver in our team development methodology since inception.  Our facilitation methods have highlighted the connections between actual behaviour and actual outcomes and desired outcomes and required behaviour.  The...

Highly Predictable

Looking back to look forward is worthwhile.  Understanding your past trends is important in your ability to predict your future trends.   What are the successful entrepreneur’s greatest skills?  I feel they are the ability to see into the future, to...

Lowest Common or Highest Common

I am borrowing some lessons from the mathematics I was taught at school, to explore an aspect of teamwork that, in my opinion, all companies will need to consider as they navigate the future, especially if they have neglected to do so to date both before and during...

Our Personal Centre of Excellence

There is a way that I am when I know that I operating at my best.  There is an uncomfortable place that I go to when I have moved away from my best.  I have got used to the idea that my best is the place I describe as when I am centred.  Every aspect of...


There is a sense of optimism on 01 January of every year that the year ahead will be a good one.  Where does this optimism stem from?  To a large degree it stems from nothing more than a change of year.   Most commitments to changing behaviour in the form of...

For there to be a way there has to be a will

In the South African political sphere, nothing seems more important to me than the catalyst referred to as political will.  I am not a political commentator and do not want to become one, I do observe and I have taken note when inaction is the result of a...

Communicable Ease

My most important goal after being the best version of myself is to ensure that I communicate well. The manner in which I link with everyone, the rest of humanity, lies in how and what I communicate.  I choose this.  When I am centred, I have noticed that I...


I have been thinking about the word essential since our President’s announcement of the lockdown last month. Defining what is essential and what is not is a big task for a small group of people taking the lead in what has become a national strategy. What can't you...

The Rugby World Cup

What did we learn? Last year everyone was talking about the Springboks and Rassie Erasmus and Siya Kolisi and everything they did to win the World Cup.  For a number of weeks after the end of the competition, I heard many people unpacking the lessons they took...

The Road to Discovery

Twelve months ago, I answered a call from a Financial Planner.  He asked if he could set up a meeting to discuss some exciting financial products and his enthusiasm for the lifestyle benefits that go with them. I was fully aware at the time that what Discovery...

Franchise your Life

Learn what makes you successful and then repeat it. Learn what makes you successful in one area of your life and then repeat the same principles in the other areas of your life. Learn what makes other people successful and follow the principles noticing the...

Team Development

After 23 years of The Ripple Effect, I have to now more than ever define what it is that I do. I am clear on what I have done in the past 23 years but what am I now and what can people expect of me going forward? We live in interesting times for people involved in any...

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