Cause before Effect

Aug 6, 2020Insights by Loius Gerke

Louis Gerke

The principle of cause and effect has been a driver in our team development methodology since inception.  Our facilitation methods have highlighted the connections between actual behaviour and actual outcomes and desired outcomes and required behaviour. 

The methodology has focused primarily on results and has asked one simple question – “happy with the results, yes or no?  

We have included a focus on behaviour and have asked two further questions:

  1. Is your behaviour effective?” and
  2. Is your behaviour efficient?” 

For these two questions there are only two possible answers – either yes or no because, as we say, if it is a ‘maybe’, then it is a ‘no’.

Recently I have become more aware of the word cause than I was before.  I am adding questions of being, to the existing questions that focussed on doing (or behavior) and outcomes (or results). 

Our methodology is expanding in important ways. 

By adding “what do you want to be?”, we expand a thought we had previously, where we explored the difference between people and their activity.  We did this to portray that there can be a gap between wanting or needing to do something and actually starting, if you allow it. 

This gap, when created, allows time to think and plan before rushing into doing.

Taking a step back to the point of cause and the question of being, I believe we could extend the gap before rushing in by addressing the question of being first.  The being will impact the doing and therefore warrants a look. The quality of the being will change the quality of the doing and in turn, change the quality of the outcomes.

The type of person I want to be requires quality time to reflect upon. My being will define my doing.  Cause first, effect second.

So, are cause and being the same thing?

Exploring what being means to me, I came up with the following things:

  • Human
  • My nature
  • Being true
  • My essence
  • Integrity
  • My character
  • My eyes

Exploring what cause means to me, I came up with the following things:

  • Something I am given custodianship of.
  • Something I hold dear or important.
  • Something I stand for.
  • Something that might not happen unless I take the lead.
  • Something I am the voice for, when the cause lacks a voice.
  • Something that gives me a real sense of purpose.
  • Something that is for the greater good.

Is it possible to marry these two lists?  I think so:  

  • I am human and I have been given custodianship of this body.
  • It is in my nature to hold dear and important; fair treatment, natural heritage, healthy living, and a loving marriage.
  • I would feel true and my conscience will be clear if I stood up and took a stand against the unscrupulous fishing and depletion of the oceans, did everything in my power to help people to remain or achieve personal empowerment, and walked a spiritual path that is grounded in harmony and unity between all beings.
  • It has been said that I am The Ripple Effect which is not true as it is a team effort, but I do feel that facilitation stems directly from my inner being, it is my essence.  Years ago, a personal leadership moment moved me from accounting to Ripple.
  • Living with Caroline has exposed me to the well-being of animals.  Caroline has always felt the pain of animals to a far greater degree to which I do.  Her commitment to animal well-being took us to the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary, to the McGregor Donkey Sanctuary, to reading up about Beauty Without Cruelty, to only using products not tested on animals and ultimately to taking the Veganuary challenge in January.  A vegetarian diet felt right from the time I started, but being vegan or plant-based feels like true eating integrity and animals do not have a voice, but they do have Caroline and she has a point. Not everyone has to become vegan, but everyone should live with integrity.
  • The nature-nurture debate could be used on me when it comes to Louis as a facilitator.  Was facilitation in my nature or did it come about through my life’s experiences?  It does not matter how it came about, it does feel like part of my character, and for the past 24 years, I am grateful to have lived with a real sense of purpose.
  • The eyes are said to be the window to the soul.  When I get out of my headspace and into my heart and soul space, I feel more and sense more the connectedness between all beings, the nurturing effects of nature and the wonders of the universe.  I become more empathetic, more loving, more mindful of the greater, and less caught up in my own little world.  This grounds me. It reminds me that there is more to the world than Louis.  I sense that there is a greater consideration to bring into my actions than merely what is good for me. 

If I were to ask, “how are you”, would you answer this question by telling me what you have been doing?

To be is the answer.

It is what we choose to be that is the challenge.

Define it.

By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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