4th Quarter Blues

Sep 1, 2016The Ripple Effect Blog

Have you analysed your year-to-date recruitment costs yet? How much has recruitment cost your organisation, did you lose any good people and are the new recruits fully up to speed yet?

The last three months in a year aren’t any more important than the nine that precede them – they are just different – a difference that requires different treatment. As mentioned before, Christmas decorations are on their way, annual holidays are in advanced planning phases and energy levels could be hitting all-time lows. Energy levels predict performance – declining energy levels will result in declining performance levels. Declining performance is something few companies can afford.

With the advent of summer, the environment comes alive with colour, especially in Gauteng. Lawns turn to green overnight after the first rains and every bush and tree seems alive with opportunity. When team members feel de-energised they start to look for and notice ‘greener pastures’ – and is it not amazing that the grass always does appear greener on the other side? Why a position would become open in such a ‘green’ place is something hopeful recruits never seem to ask during an interview – quite odd!!

Can I bring it all together for you?

I believe it is simple – keep your team motivated – keep them from believing there is something better out there. Know what your team members are looking for and know how you will give it to them. My research into what team members want ties into larger findings – there are potentially five things that precede money:

1. A sense of belonging / inclusion
2. A thank you for jobs well done
3. The ability to put their skills to use and to feel challenged
4. The right tools available to perform their role
5. The opportunity to advance or grow their role in the organisation

Is a change necessary in the way you approach your team? Do you know who is looking for something new? Have you worked out how much it will cost you to replace them? Do you know why they are looking? Have you compared the cost of effective team development to your ongoing recruitments costs? Do you have a dynamic and energised HR resource on your team? Does this type of HR influence need to be full time?

Ripples are literally created with everything said and done – you probably already have a Financial Manager, a Marketing Manager and a General Manager but do you have a Ripple Manager?

By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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