5 Behaviours that will make you successful

Feb 6, 2017The Ripple Effect Blog

Ripple’s five points to become successful.

The Ripple Effect team members have been observing the distinct patterns of success and similarly the common patterns of failure for 20 years now. 

One behavioural pattern business leaders seem to favour is the desire to summarize what it takes to be successful down to 5 pointers. 

The book on the five points to become successful becomes the latest best seller, displacing the book on the five points for true success, which displaced the book on the five points for limitless success. 

We view this practice as limiting and potentially dangerous as even the most basic level of cognitive ability will unpack success into more than five aspects.

To become a best seller though you have to give people what they want. So, to give business leaders what they want, we are happy to announce our five points to become successful:

  1. Zero-base your wiring;
  2. Achieve buy-in;
  3. Constantly create capacity;
  4. Close your loops;
  5. Do much more right than the above four things!


The Ripple Effect Team

By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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