How to extract the excuses

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I have seen over and over and over and over again that companies accept mediocrity.  Then I wonder, is it that they are accepting of mediocrity or is it that they (the top “executives”) never challenge the status quo?

Why “executives” in inverted commas? Business owners who themselves are promoting mediocrity by not challenging or who believe they are victims of circumstance do not deserve the title executive.

Countless excuses

People are not always open to new ideas.  They are not always supportive of change.  They at times lack the belief that something new is actually possible.  There are those who think that a change is necessary but do not believe what it might take for them to do something to achieve the change.  Many people believe that complaining about something is changing it.  Then there are the people that are simply too tired, lack the motivation, are short of confidence, or simply too busy to even think of achieving something new or better.

Trust me, I have seen all the excuses.  I can almost smell one coming.  I have learned one important lesson though – I would rather hear the excuse than not.  I would rather know there is a reason and what it is than to assume everyone is open, receptive and committing to a new approach.

The Ripple Tip for the day

Sit down with your team and inform them that you believe that as a team you should be able to double output next year.  Tell them that you do not think that this doubling will require employing additional resources.  Then sit back and take note of all the objections.  Don’t get irritated, don’t challenge their list (just yet), don’t shrug your shoulders, don’t sigh, don’t frown – just sit quietly, nod and make a mental note.  Don’t make actual notes – people will see this as a threat. They will expect you to forget, especially if your management meetings are filled with the right conversations but nothing ever comes from them.

After the meeting go and make your notes.  Each person and their individual reasons why doubling will never happen.

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By Louis Gerke

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By Louis Gerke

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