How to instill ideal and appropriate Role Models

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Role Models are aplenty – there are role models around for anything and everyone.  You can “follow” anybody on various platforms and hold each person you follow in high esteem.  Anything that catches your fancy.

You can aim to follow more people than anyone else.  You can clutter up your life with what others are doing and how they can inspire you to do the same.  You can also just sit quietly for a while and design before you start following.

Identify ideals

Design, in my opinion starts with an ideal.  What do I really value?  What is fundamentally important for me?  What is it that I am going to strive for?

If you have no clue, go back to following – only this time it is following for a purpose – looking for something that someone else is doing that grips you.

A certain restaurant making particular food.

A certain NGO doing amazing work in particular areas of dire need.

A business model that is not mainstream that is delivering phenomenal results.

A person who delivers yoga classes in such a way that you feel inspired to get back onto your mat.

A spiritual path that resonates with your soul.


Ideal identified – √ tick. Now for some goals.


Set meaningful goals

There is no shortage of material out there guiding us in how to set meaningful goals – for now I would say that you start with simple short term goals. Just make sure they have been quantified and you have attached a timeline.

The difficult part can come in getting started and this is where Role Models enter the picture.  Role, the how, the means, the route, the plan, the activity, the recipe, the focus, the discipline etc.


Identify appropriate Role Models

For me right now – I’m wanting to bring sides together – any people who are part of any organisation that lack alignment – I want to unite them. Role Model = Nelson Mandela.

I want to take our business to the next level – do something we have never done before – reach people we have never reached before – change the way we get new business. Role Models = Joey Evans and Brad Binder.

I want to take my confidence to a new level – I want to approach people that I thought previously would not take me seriously. Role Model = Trevor Noah.

I want to have my ducks in a row and plan my financials effectively – Role Models = Caroline and my father.

I want to learn from my past mistakes and repeat my past success strategies – Role Model = Me.

Role Models are in place – √ tick.


And now? 

The work still needs to be done.  Scanning through Joey’s FB – inspirational enough – but not enough to make it happen.

The more distant the Role Model the greater the risk of simply observing them.  If you can find a role model in close proximity to work with, the concept of Role Model moves to “running partner” – now you’ll do the work.  When we have “running partners” our conscience tends to be more engaged than it is with Role Models.

In some instances we do not train, we do not coach, we do not facilitate, we do not consult our clients.  We simply provide a running partner service.

We walk the journey with them, encourage movement and prick their conscience when they get slack.


By Louis Gerke

Development Facilitator – The Ripple Effect


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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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    Great blog site Guys. Great first article. Look forward to receiving future articles and participating in future commentary where appropriate.
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    • Louis Gerke

      Thank you Lindsay, months have passed and more blogs posted, we trust that you are still finding them informative. Your feedback is extremely valuable, please keep it coming.