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When we behave mindlessly we cease to be aware of the “why?” behind our business.  We simply sleep, eat, work, own a pet, meet, marry and even train just because it’s what we do.

When we forget to consider the “why?”  it all becomes a little shallow, lame, mundane, lifeless and empty.

Getting in touch with intent allows us to experience meaningful lives.  Lives worth celebrating.  Lives worth living.  Awareness of meaning allows for purpose-filled days, for weeks worth remembering and for depth and breadth in all of what life has to offer.

Be clear on your intention before you set out.  It’s a good habit to develop. 

My intention with this article? To promote the idea of you becoming aware of the intention behind the training you sign yourself and everyone else up for as a leader and manager of people.  For you to own this intention.  For you to drive the achievement of the intention.

The flip side of my intention is for you not to spend money on training because train you must. For you not to treat training as a grudge purchase.  For you not to see training as something HR does in isolation of business goals.  For you not to judge training by some past bad experience.

I like to find strength in the exceptions to so-called rules.  When I find an exception, a rule or norm no longer applies.

The Ripple Effect, through our training, has helped organisations to flourish beyond their wildest dreams.  What if your company becomes the next exception? What if your company remains one of the norm?

Let’s talk intention.

By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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