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Aug 6, 2018The Ripple Effect Blog

Please stop what you are doing for ten minutes to read and reflect on this blog entry.

Strategic planning, daily planning, those moments of mid-life crisis, in fact any situation where looking up and taking stock will be valuable, remember these three words… Stop, Start and Continue.  Like any reflection however, it is not only about remembering the words, it is about doing the work that these words signify.


If I want to get better results from my actions going forward, what do I need to stop doing?  What no longer serves me? What is proving to be destructive, out of alignment, ineffective or inefficient that, once stopped, I would immediately see an improvement?

All reflections of this nature require total honesty.  A deep sense of self-knowledge is required.  It is important to be aware of internal dialogue.

Sit alone, ask yourself the question, answer out aloud if need be and record your answers.  Write, if writing is helpful to you, but try to move away from hundreds of thoughts spinning in your mind as distracting noise.  If you cannot do this, employ a coach; someone who can listen and record.


To get better results going forward in my life, what do I need to start doing?  What works for others, that I am not doing?  What do I already know about that if I get down and do it, I stand to benefit immediately?

We so often know what we should be starting.  We so often also do everything we can to keep us from starting.

There is a difference between better late than never and too little too late.  Understand the difference and make the discerning choice.


If there are things I do that work for me and the people around me, let me identify what they are and then continue doing them.

Become aware of what is working.  Be mindful of getting caught in that negative space where you only see what is not working.  Give yourself the credit you deserve when you list these things.  Commit to them with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

Stop, start and continue.  Four important words – not three.

The ‘and’ is just as critical as the other three.  For the value to be derived from the exercise you must do all three.  What to stop and what to start and what to continue.

Make your commitments known – by telling someone else they can check in on your progress.

LG to stop?  Frowning.

LG to start?  The move back to Cape Town.

LG to continue?  A lot of what I currently do.

A note on The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride 2018

I am delighted to see that it is happening again.  They have ticked the Continue box.  There was a time before the world had this initiative.  They ticked the Start box a number of years ago.  They realized the extent of men dying, in ways that could have been avoided, with the right awareness and support.  By doing the work the DGR team is doing, and by you sponsoring people like me who will be riding again, we can all tick the Stop box when it comes to men’s suicide and Prostate Cancer.


By Louis Gerke

Development FacilitatorThe Ripple Effect


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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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