The Way Forward

Jul 27, 2017The Ripple Effect Blog

your goals - the way forward

Can you articulate your goals 12 months from now and can you clearly explain how you are going to get there?

This question would require a critical starting point needing clarity on the current state of affairs in your business.

So let’s explore the question of your way forward one step at a time.

  1. How clear are you, right now, as to your performance numbers?
    Turnover, operating margins, the costs you are carrying, individual KPI’s, customer activity, sales cycle length, marketing ROI, market reputation etc.
  2. Do you know how things have been set up for the next quarter? 
    Sales pipeline, change management, action plans, goals set, internal controls including quality assurance etc.
  3. Do you have a vision for the future and how far ahead does it stretch?
  4. To what degree does your current team activity line up with your future vision?
    Under this point please consider product development, opening doors with potential customers, supplier reviews, succession plans, coaching personal development, future accounting capability, skills development, resource planning, system upgrades, process development etc.
  5. Do you have a handle on your business sustainability index?
    This is an assessment of how far into the future your current business approach will remain relevant.  Does this objective assessment confirm whether your answer to point three above is far enough?

Imagine sitting in front of me, in a comfortable setting, and I put the question of your way forward to you.  To what degree of detail and with what level of clarity are you responding?

If your imagination does not allow for such an exercise why don’t you try this exercise in person.  We have years of experience facilitating highly effective strategic planning interventions.


By Louis Gerke

Development FacilitatorThe Ripple Effect

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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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