Love me for a reason ….

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The power of a song

“Love me for a reason …”  It’s a line from a song.

As it so often happens we hear songs while traveling in our cars and this was such a case.  “Love me for a reason, and let the reason be love.”  I didn’t choose the song, I chose to be driving at the time, to have the radio on and to have it tuned in to a music station.  (Weird in a way to reflect on how many choices I make to eventually end up somewhere or in a situation “by accident”.)

So for days already the line has been churning away.  Not annoyingly so, in a good way.  It has kept me thinking, exploring, challenging myself, reflecting and through these various reflections I have found some cool answers or come to subtle realizations within the realms of personal understanding, loving relationships, choices, cause and effect and integrity.

Maybe because of the fact that it is still with me, my work is not yet done.

The power of a random song

I could get lost unpacking the journey since hearing this piece of music but that would not be in keeping with the point of this blog post.  The point was not to show just how crazy I can get and what strange things go on in my system from time to time, it was to consider the power of the random song.  Hearing something which sparked a whole lot.  Don’t judge me for the fact that it sparked or for the particular line that sparked it all , simply consider the value of the spark.

Teams of people need particular behavioural guidelines to ensure that they are all focused on the right things.  Lines like “The customer is king”, “step up to the plate”, “there’s no I in TEAM”, “Under promise and over deliver” and “come to me with solutions, not problems”, are all examples of such guidelines.  What leaders need to do for the team to be effective and efficient is to design the playlist and then to play the songs for everyone to hear.

How do you want your team members to think?

Get your messages top of mind, keep them top of mind and ensure that mind is impacting behaviour.  How do you want your team members to think?  How do you want them to process problems and opportunities so as to achieve the best results? To what degree do they need to follow due process and to what degree should they consider options that are outside of due process? What is negotiable, what is not? What should they consider before a decisions is made – their vetting process?  What should they value?  What new things should they be adding to their existing frameworks?

I need to emphasize three points when it comes to messages to your team:

1) What do you want your team members to have top of mind?

2) How are you keeping important considerations top of mind within your team?

3) How do you ensure that these considerations are influencing behaviour as intended?

Anyone who has completed our Wired to Influence programme understands the necessity and the benefits of “performance filters”.   Performance filters are aligned with thinking before acting, of prevention is better that cure and go versus no go decisions.


So here is my playlist for you today

If you internalize the lines, carry them around and allow them to seep in, they could just save you a lot of unnecessary pain:


U2 “Beautiful Day” 

“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.”


Inspirational Song Line Meaning: This U2 song celebrates life like few can. The rest of the song lyrics consist of examples of daily life setbacks, where the obvious feeling is to become frustrated with. But instead U2 gives you the ultimate motivational tip: despite all the problems you may have, you must step outside them an realize there is another day to be lived, use it to your advantage. Don’t let negative situations break you, there is always a positive way of looking at things and overcome setbacks.


Ben E. King “Stand By Me” 

“I won’t be afraid just as long as you stand, stand by me.”


Inspirational Song Line Meaning: Such a classic line from the old days! Sometimes all we need is the right partner on our side and we are capable of doing unbelievable things. Things that we wouldn’t do by ourselves cause of fear. Remember no man is an island, you need to get your partnership working for a boost of courage in your life. Don’t just do it for you, have a higher purpose, like the person that’s next to you.


New Radicals “You Get What You Give”

“Don’t give up

You’ve got a reason to live

Can’t forget you only get

what you give.”


Inspirational Song Line Meaning: Remember this music video with all the kids going crazy at the mall? Yes! That’s the way we want you to remember this lines, in an energetic and radical fashion. Your reasons for living must be stronger than your reasons for quitting, so you can move on and grow. Also, contribution must be your mission too, you get what you give, that’s the whole truth.


Eminem “Lose Yourself”

“You only get one shot,

do not miss your chance to blow.

This opportunity comes

once in a lifetime” –


Inspirational Song Line Meaning: All about opportunity. Opportunity comes to those who prepared for it, so be prepared. It’s indispensable that when opportunity comes you take full advantage of it. This Eminem classic song, was part of the soundtrack of the movie “8 Mile”, were a young rapper tries to make it in the music industry, where opportunities lack and few make it. It’s the perfect workout song and theme for those who are trying to achieve their dreams. Do not miss your chance to blow!


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By Louis Gerke

Development FacilitatorThe Ripple Effect


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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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  1. Bronwyn Hall

    What an Awesome BLOG! one I can relate to and thoroughly enjoyed reading. Thank you Louis!

    • Louis Gerke

      It is a big pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. If we all make an effort for the positivity to be the music in our ears the world will be a better place!