What we say and what we do

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Aligning what we say with what we do is as simple as following through when we say ‘yes’ or as complex as ensuring that our Marketing and Advertising messages are delivered upon.

Let’s tackle the Marketing and Advertising requirement today, as I am simply not in the mood to deal with the simple one.

Marketing and Advertising

When we get into that creative writing space, we know the importance of the superlatives.  We remember some vague lessons from school where the importance of the ‘right adjectives’ was stressed. and we are usually calm enough to get into touch with what our customers really expect. We write the material in such a way as to make them believe that this is what we do all the time.  Benefits, value add, partnering, long-term, relationship building, empathy, convenience etc. are what the marketing messages are all about. We can really lay it on – there is absolutely no pressure.

Day-to-day delivery of a service ethic (that was designed while away on a workshop) can be somewhat different though.  Time pressures, team member apathy, low energy levels, customers that don’t come to the party and general miscommunication are but some of the challenges we face.

Now what happened to the promise?

What happened to the clearly articulated value proposition? What happened to proactive engagement, building long-term relationships, exceeding expectations at every interface and value added services that ensure exceptional levels of return on investment for a wide variety of customers and customer needs?

Marketing and Advertising content matters as it sets expectations.  It matters more than just producing it.  It matters because it must align with actual delivery.  For it to do so it must align with so much more.

Recruitment, induction, training, BI, incentives, daily behaviour and quality assurance must align with the promises.

It is so easy to lose touch.

The Marketing Audit

So how can an organization achieve the straight and narrow – straight from the oven to the table with zero deviation from set standards?

  • Set some time today to read what you have published.
  • Ask your conscience if this is what is being delivered.
  • Choose between lowering the published promise and doing the work internally to align.
  • Choose right.


Lesley, our Content Strategist, provides a Marketing Audit service. Get a handle on what you are saying, if you are saying what you want to say, and if what you are saying is what you are wanting to say.


By Louis Gerke

Development Facilitator – The Ripple Effect


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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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