The Selfie ‘Must Haves’

May 2, 2017The Ripple Effect Blog

Turning the camera on ourselves has been a long time coming and thank heavens it is now fashionable to do so.

There are thousands of possible selfies one can take – coffee selfie, happy selfie, steers selfie, beach selfie, Statue of Liberty selfie, walking the dog selfie, resting selfie, trying to look sexy selfie, etc.

Amongst the thousands of opportunities for selfies, we believe there are a few ‘must haves’ in your collection.
So turn the camera on yourself and take them:

Selfie awareness – know thy selfie

Selfie development – grow thy selfie

Selfie accountability – answerable to selfie

Selfie confident – boost thy selfie

Selfie regulated – monitor thy selfie

Selfie true – be true to thy selfie

Selfie driven – progress thy selfie

Selfie motivated – inspire they selfie

Selfie energised – replenish thy selfie

Selfie centred – pull thy selfie together


Collect these ten images – own them – don’t delete them.

Hey, we are even happy if you post them on Instagram and hashtag therippleeffectsa.


By Louis Gerke

Development Facilitator – The Ripple Effect

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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

If this post interests you please feel free to share it: