The Voice of Reason

Feb 22, 2018The Ripple Effect Blog

When everyone around you seems to going mad, will you be the voice of reason? When you are going mad will someone be your voice of reason?

Before I continue please note – this blog post  is not titled “The Voice of The Reasons”. There are plenty of those I know.  Riddled with blame, externalising their problems and always clear that everything that is not going as intended is someone or something else’s fault.

The voice of reason brings back the sanity

The voice of reason brings the conversation back to the intention.  The voice of reason calms the nerves, the panic, the tension and the slander.

Nothing wrong with passion but when passion runs over into swearing and shouting at people to make your point, the voice of reason needs to step in.

When people are clearly not getting each other, the voice of reason needs to highlight the chasm and instil the commitment to find each other.

The voice of reason highlights the need to move forward, to finding the solution and not to continue to dwell on the past or the problem at hand.

When people get sucked into treating symptoms, the voice of reason needs to introduce a form of root cause analysis.

When everyone climbs into a black hole and is looking to fight their way out of it, the voice of reason must bring them all back to behaving like adults.

Let’s rise above this.

Let’s take a break and regroup.

Let’s remember why we are here.

Let’s remember what happens when people start behaving like we are behaving.

Let’s remember our commitment to finding a solution.

Let’s aim for the high road with this.

Let’s move away from blame and explore what we can do to change it.

Let’s gather the facts before we jump to conclusions.

Let’s remember that we are dealing with people.

Let’s remember the law of nature – as we sow so shall we reap.

Let’s remember our part in creating this situation.

Let’s remember that we always know what the Springbok coach should be doing but are we doing those things?


A voice of reason is a wonderful asset to have

Do you have one in your world? The voice of reason in your world need not be someone else – it can be you.  You become one by having a conscience that works by pointing out to you right from wrong, effective from ineffective, beneficial from harmful, constructive from destructive and unifying from dividing.


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By Louis Gerke

Development FacilitatorThe Ripple Effect


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By Louis Gerke

Facilitator |  Coach | Trainer | Speaker

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